The Club

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the San Diego Piranhas to promote youth basketball within the community we live in and to assist our youth to build a strong foundation, personal character, self-confidence, and self-esteem to reach their potential through comprehensive, high intensity practices, competitive league play, and high caliber tournament games.

It is also our vision to create a basketball environment based on camaraderie, teamwork, sportsmanship, leadership, discipline, dedication, respect, and competitiveness for excelling at the high level whether on it is on or off the court.

As in life, to be successful you need to have a solid foundation. With that in mind, our focus is to teach fundamental basketball to ensure all the players have a complete understanding and knowledge of the game. We begin with the basics and as their skill level matures, the focus will turn to the different aspects of the game in both offensive and defensive philosophies to enhance their overall game knowledge, or basketball IQ, and sharpen their technical skills.

As a team, we will strive for perfection and settle on excellence.

Athleticism, Skills, and Knowledge

Who Will Benefit?

Intermediate and Advanced players who want to take their skills to the next level with position specific development. Our Coaching Staff will focus on each individual being intense and competitive while teaching techniques and concepts to improve their basketball IQ.


Typically we will have two (1-2) team practices per week (usually Tuesday and Wednesday from 4:30-9:00) at the Veterans Gym off of E. Palomar Street in Chula Vista. Days and times are subject to change.

League Games:

We will play in several local leagues during the AAU season.


We will play in multiple tournaments throughout Southern California, Las Vegas, and Arizona. Other locations may be added at a later time and date.

Roles and Responsibilities


Coaches must be willing to commit the time and energy necessary to be a year-around club level coach and must demonstrate an interest in working with youth.


Players are the primary representatives of the Piranhas. Players fulfill their role by practicing hard, playing hard, and showing respect for their teammates, coaches, opponents, officials and the parents who are responsible for their well being when traveling. Players need to be aware of commitments to their teams and focus their efforts during the season on improving both their individual and overall team performances.


Parents can enhance a player’s club experience by participating in club events, volunteering their time, and by attending their child’s league games and tournaments. Piranha’s parents are asked to:

  • Meet financial obligations to the San Diego Piranhas in a timely fashion.
  • Provide the player with transportation to and from practices, games, and tournaments.
  • Sign and adhere to the Parent to Player Conduct and Responsibilities Contract.
  • View website on a regular basis for program information that is critical to the organization of the Piranhas Program.

Return emails from Piranhas Coaches/Administration promptly to ensure parent, coach, and administration communication and keep everyone updated on Piranhas Program information.

Piranhas’ Website


It is vital that every parent or guardian in the household or anyone who is a means of transportation check our website regularly for program information. Failure to do so may affect your child’s experience with the Piranhas and cause him to miss out on games or practices scheduled or rescheduled by our staff, which will in turn, affect the teams in this program. Our website is complete with all the information that is critical in keeping the organization of our program. Practice dates, tournament and league schedules, rosters, event calendars, daily news announcements, fee schedules and much more are all listed on our website. An important part of this program is the organization and making sure all parties involved are clear and up to date on all Piranhas information as this is critical to the operations of the program. Please help our Coaches and Administration make this a more enjoyable experience for you and your family.




The Piranhas want parents, friends, relatives and fans to enjoy games and tournaments, and to BE A CHEERLEADER FOR THE TEAM AND THE PIRANHAS. The Piranhas Coaches and Administration expect that questions, concerns and complaints will exist in a program with multiple teams, coaches, personalities, parents and fans – and – we ask for your patience.

  • CHEER for your team and its players. Do not be negative about the player, the Coach or the other team at any time. It is great if your child develops friendships with players on other teams. It’s part of the game.
  • DO NOT COACH from the sidelines. There is a difference between cheering for the team and attempting to be a coach from the bleachers.
  • PARENTS SHOULD COMMUNICATE complaints and disagreements only at the proper time and place. All communication toward a Coach at games, tournament or practice sites should be in regards to general basketball questions or comments. Concerns or complaints should be addressed to the Coaches after returning from a tournament or at the conclusion of a practice.
  • RESPECT OTHERS. The Piranhas are responsible for the conduct of players, Coaches, parents, and fans to make participation in the sport a positive experience. The Piranhas, acting by and through its Coaches and Administration, reserve the right to restrict the attendance of parents or relatives and friends at tournaments. If parents do not cooperate, the Piranhas may have no choice but to dismiss a player from the program.


As with any large group of people, there will be problems, concerns and questions that come up over the course of a season. Most of these can be solved or answered through clear communication. If the player needs to resolve a question or voice a concern or complaint, the player must be encouraged to first talk to the Coaching Staff about it. The Piranhas foster the player’s and Coach’s responsibility of communication toward these matters. If the parent needs to resolve a question or voice a concern or complaint, they should contact the Coaching Staff AS SOON AS IT ARISES. To avoid confusion and conflicting actions regarding policies of the Piranhas, questions regarding all signed documentation for program policies or interpretation of existing program policies shall be coordinated through the Program Director or Administration San Diego Piranhas Staff. The person making the inquiry will be kept informed of its status, and, as soon as reasonably possible, be provided with a response.



All participants will be required to:

  • Read the mission statement.
  • Read and sign the Parent to Player Conduct and Responsibilities Contract.
  • Come prepared to work hard, have fun and develop as citizens and athletes.
  • Have a commitment to practice; attendance and effort is required for all participants.
  • Participate as much as possible to all optional workouts provided by the Piranhas Coaching Staff.
  • Accept the coaches’ decisions regarding playing time in games while maintaining good attitude and work ethics is essential for participation.



The Piranhas expect each player to treat all coaches, other members (players) and adults (parents) with respect and to address them in a proper manner. When at a tournament, Directors, referees, other coaches, and opposing players and parents are to be treated with respect. Failure to adhere to this standard may result in the player’s immediate suspension or dismissal from the Piranhas.


If a player has a problem or concern, which involves the team or a Coach, bring it to the attention of the Coach and/or the Program Director as soon as it arises, so the Piranhas can work to solve or answer it. If any personnel of the Piranhas are told something as a statement of fact and truth, the Piranhas assume that it is both accurate and truthful. (e.g. reasons for missed practice). Our trust in each other is imperative. If this trust is broken, it may result in immediate suspension or dismissal of the player from the program.


Since a player cannot improve and contribute to their team unless they attend practice, all players are expected to make every effort to attend all practices. Please make a commitment to attend optional workouts provided by the Piranhas Coaching Staff in order to improve skills at a more consistent pace. A team is dependent upon all of its members.

All players who fail to attend practices regularly may be dropped from the Piranhas, as the case dictates. Obviously, there may be unavoidable reasons why a player must miss a practice, but chronic absences and tardiness will impact a player’s future with the Piranhas. If a player is going to miss a practice, A COACH MUST BE INFORMED PRIOR to the practice. Failure to call at a reasonable time can cause the player to be disciplined. It is also the player’s responsibility TO BE ON TIME for all practices and tournaments. If a player has a good reason for being late to a practice, the player must communicate this to one of the Coaches. At the designated time of departure for tournaments, it is the player’s responsibility to be at the designated site by precisely that time. If a player is late, there is a strong possibility that they will be left behind! Players are expected to attend all scheduled events except in the case of major illness, injury, family crisis, or other emergency situations.


A very important part of a team’s success is the chemistry that develops between the players. The unit, support, friendship, and effort with each other are imperative to the success of the team. All players will be expected to contribute to the team and to be enthusiastic at both practices and tournaments. All players must show support towards one another as a program.


The Piranhas have adopted a policy for all teams that participate. The goal of the Piranhas is to provide the most practical environment for all teams and its players. The Piranhas work to develop each individual’s skills at all levels, in anticipation of players reaching their highest level possible. Playing time is determined at the discretion of the coaches. While all players are valuable to the team, equal playing time in games cannot be guaranteed. When possible the player and parent(s) will be informed of the possibility of limited playing time. Acceptance of the coaches’ decisions regarding playing time in games while maintaining good attitude and work ethics is essential for participation.