Player’s Rules and Policies


All participants will be required to:

  • Come prepared to work hard, have fun and develop as citizens and athletes.
  • Have a commitment to practice; attendance and effort is required for all participants.
  • Participate as much as possible to all optional workouts provided by the Piranhas Coaching Staff.
  • Accept the coaches’ decisions regarding playing time in games while maintaining good attitude and work ethics is essential for participation.


The Piranhas expect each player to treat all coaches, other members (players) and adults (parents) with respect and to address them in a proper manner. When at a tournament, Directors, referees, other coaches, and opposing players and parents are to be treated with respect. Failure to adhere to this standard may result in the player’s immediate suspension or dismissal from the Piranhas.


If a player has a problem or concern, which involves the team or a Coach, bring it to the attention of the Coach and/or the Program Director as soon as it arises, so the Piranhas can work to solve or answer it. If any personnel of the Piranhas are told something as a statement of fact and truth, the Piranhas assume that it is both accurate and truthful. (e.g. reasons for missed practice). Our trust in each other is imperative. If this trust is broken, it may result in immediate suspension or dismissal of the player from the program.


Since a player cannot improve and contribute to their team unless they attend practice, all players are expected to make every effort to attend all practices. Please make a commitment to attend optional workouts provided by the Piranhas Coaching Staff in order to improve skills at a more consistent pace. A team is dependent upon all of its members.

All players who fail to attend practices regularly may be dropped from the Piranhas, as the case dictates. Obviously, there may be unavoidable reasons why a player must miss a practice, but chronic absences and tardiness will impact a player’s future with the Piranhas. If a player is going to miss a practice, A COACH MUST BE INFORMED PRIOR to the practice. Failure to call at a reasonable time can cause the player to be disciplined. It is also the player’s responsibility TO BE ON TIME for all practices and tournaments. If a player has a good reason for being late to a practice, the player must communicate this to one of the Coaches. At the designated time of departure for tournaments, it is the player’s responsibility to be at the designated site by precisely that time. If a player is late, there is a strong possibility that they will be left behind! Players are expected to attend all scheduled events except in the case of major illness, injury, family crisis, or other emergency situations.


A very important part of a team’s success is the chemistry that develops between the players. The unit, support, friendship, and effort with each other are imperative to the success of the team. All players will be expected to contribute to the team and to be enthusiastic at both practices and tournaments. All players must show support towards one another as a program.


The Piranhas have adopted a policy for all teams that participate. The goal of the Piranhas is to provide the most practical environment for all teams and its players. The Piranhas work to develop each individual’s skills at all levels, in anticipation of players reaching their highest level possible. Playing time is determined at the discretion of the coaches. While all players are valuable to the team, equal playing time in games cannot be guaranteed. When possible the player and parent(s) will be informed of the possibility of limited playing time. Acceptance of the coaches’ decisions regarding playing time in games while maintaining good attitude and work ethics is essential for participation.