Parent’s Code of Conduct


The Piranhas want parents, friends, relatives and fans to enjoy games and tournaments, and to BE A CHEERLEADER FOR THE TEAM AND THE PIRANHAS. The Piranhas Coaches and Administration expect that questions, concerns and complaints will exist in a program with multiple teams, coaches, personalities, parents and fans – and – we ask for your patience.

  • CHEER for your team and its players. Do not be negative about the player, the Coach or the other team at any time. It is great if your child develops friendships with players on other teams. It’s part of the game.
  • DO NOT COACH from the sidelines. There is a difference between cheering for the team and attempting to be a coach from the bleachers.
  • PARENTS SHOULD COMMUNICATE complaints and disagreements only at the proper time and place. All communication toward a Coach at games, tournament or practice sites should be in regards to general basketball questions or comments. Concerns or complaints should be addressed to the Coaches after returning from a tournament or at the conclusion of a practice.
  • RESPECT OTHERS. The Piranhas are responsible for the conduct of players, Coaches, parents, and fans to make participation in the sport a positive experience. The Piranhas, acting by and through its Coaches and Administration, reserve the right to restrict the attendance of parents or relatives and friends at tournaments. If parents do not cooperate, the Piranhas may have no choice but to dismiss a player from the program.


As with any large group of people, there will be problems, concerns and questions that come up over the course of a season. Most of these can be solved or answered through clear communication. If the player needs to resolve a question or voice a concern or complaint, the player must be encouraged to first talk to the Coaching Staff about it. The Piranhas foster the player’s and Coach’s responsibility of communication toward these matters. If the parent needs to resolve a question or voice a concern or complaint, they should contact the Coaching Staff AS SOON AS IT ARISES. To avoid confusion and conflicting actions regarding policies of the Piranhas, questions regarding all signed documentation for program policies or interpretation of existing program policies shall be coordinated through the Program Director or Administration San Diego Piranhas Staff. The person making the inquiry will be kept informed of its status, and, as soon as reasonably possible, be provided with a response.