Forms & Fees


  • Completed Registration Form
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Copy of AAU Insurance Card
  • Wallet Size Photo of Player
  • Uniform Fee (Reversible) $95.00
  • Practice Uniform Fee (Reversible) $65.00
  • Signed Parents Code of Ethics
  • Signed Player’s Code of Conduct

Being a part of the San Diego Piranhas program requires commitment, time, effort, and financial resources. The training, exposure, and experiences that your kids will receive will be very beneficial and well worth the investment.

Financial Policies


In order to meet its various expenses, our program charges fees which cover the costs of facilities, acquiring and maintaining equipment, providing uniforms, tournament fees, league fees, and covering the operating expenses incurred while running the program. Players and parents may be requested to participate in program fundraising activities to help cover some of the costs of the program that are not covered by the registration and monthly fees. All payment commitments must be met by the due date. Players will not be allowed to practice or travel if their fees are not current. Monthly fees will be due the first Wednesday of every month. Invoices and emails may be sent out as reminders of each payment due. Fees may be paid by check or cash to the Coaches or Administration Staff. Checks should be payable to San Diego Piranhas.

Transportation and travel costs for away tournaments are not included (hotel, food, etc). Team parents may reserve hotel rooms at group rates, but it is each family’s responsibility to confirm and pay for their player and/or families accommodations. Parents not traveling with the team are also responsible for finding supervision for their child for the entire duration of the trip. At times, the team may rent a large passenger van to accommodate player transportation for away tournaments. Any player utilizing the van transportation will be required to pay for a portion of the rental van fee.


The team will have reversible “away” and “home” game uniforms. Each uniform is $95. If any player damages a game uniform or needs a new one because of wear and tear, a fee of $95 must be paid to receive a new one. PLEASE DO NOT PUT UNIFORMS IN THE DRYER, AND FOLLOW WASHING INSTRUCTIONS ON THE TAG!


  • Monthly Club fees are $35 per player and will be due on the first Wednesday of every month. Chula Vista Parks & Rec requires that we pre-pay for our gym usage, thus we must collect the fees from each of the players in advance.
  • League fees and Tournament fees will be invoiced to each player as the leagues and tournaments are scheduled. We will give parents as much notice as possible as to when these fees are due.


NOTE: Entry fees are often charged to each spectator at league games and tournaments.

  • Game uniforms are $95 (Reversible). Payment is due upon issuance of uniform.
  • AAU membership/insurance is required for all players. Parents must register the player with AAU and provide the San Diego Piranhas with a copy of the AAU registration card (register at and use San Diego Piranhas Club Code: PSBA5A4KA0). AAU fees are $14 per year (the AAU Membership year runs from September 1st to August 31st). PROOF OF AAU INSURANCE IS DUE WITHIN ONE WEEK OF REGISTRATION, AND AT THE ANNUAL RENEWAL PERIOD BY SEPTEMBER 1ST.


* All club fees are non-refundable (includes gym rental, uniform, league, and tournament fees).